Online Listing2

Online listing & applications

Propd offers potential tenants an online property listing platform where they can easily browse properties in their desired locations and instantly apply. Applications are then reviewed by the landlord. Applicants are notified of whether their application has been successful. Approved applicants will receive an automatically generated tenancy agreement for review and signature. This is then uploaded and sent back to the landlord - and the tenancy begins!

• Advertise online
• Receive and review applications online
• Order background & credit checks online
• Approve applicants & automatically generate tenancy agreements


Automated forms, documents & agreements

Propd’s automation technology makes dealing with forms easier than ever before. Standard forms such as tenancy agreements, inspection reports and tenant letters are filled out automatically with up to date user account information reducing time filling out forms. Forms are exchanged between landlord and tenant, uploaded to the Propd platform and securely archived online making access possible from anywhere, anytime.

• Preset forms with auto fill function
• Upload/download standard forms & templates
• Create tenancy agreements
• Secure online archive


Scheduled alerts & reminders

From the outset of a tenancy Propd enables the tenant to set and schedule reminders - including automated alerts for when rent is due to be paid, recommended 3 monthly inspections or required maintenance checks are coming up and when lease terms are about to expire.

• Set-up scheduled reminders for tenants
• Automated alerts on recommended 3 monthly inspections


Online messaging

Communication is key and Propd acknowledges that good communication between landlords and tenants leads to a better relationship and more responsibility from both sides. The online messaging tool Propd offers enables landlords and tenants to easily communicate on a neutral platform with the ability to track and record conversations.

• Online messaging tool
• Track & record conversations


Rate & Review

Propd believes accountability in an important factor to increasing the quality of tenancies and reducing the risk of landlord versus tenant disputes. With Propd tenants can create an online profile to receive ratings and feedback from previous landlords while also having the ability to rate their landlords.

• Create an online profile
• Rate your landlord and rental properties
• Make sure you know the property your renting is up to standard